Internal Academy

In our competitive global world, what truly differentiates one organization from another is the organization’s people At VALOORES, we are firmly committed to positive and tangible results towards our clients and partners. That is why we consider as a top priority having a staff that is, at every turn, up to the challenges of our business.


Our main goal is to attract, hire, train and retain the most talented people. And the first step towards employee engagement and retention is the on-boarding program, where new employees will be equipped with the information they need to get a fast start while networking with fellow team members.

Development of Talents

Training is an integral part of our talent management strategy that is beneficial for both our employees and us. We give our associates the chance to grow personally and professionally through regular training and career development tools to help them achieve their performance objectives and help make our company a success.

Soft Skills / Technical Skills: gain knowledge on the different solutions and applications


In addition to providing training and development opportunities to VALOORES associates, we also are committed to helping the next generation of workers to develop the skills necessary to obtain meaningful experience through our year-round internship programs.